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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #34

(Note: The slightly odd placement of the Jungle Felucians is due to a weird foulup on Wookieepedia's list pages: For some reason, "Jungle Felucian" is listed under "J" on the page for "F." No, it makes no sense. It should have gone a few back, I suppose, but there's nothing for it.)

331. Jungle Felucians. Jungle Felucians are bizarre primitives who serve as game enemies in The Force Unleashed. They have a naturally high sensitivity to the Force, and when a Jedi apprentice on their world turned to the Dark Side because the player killed her master, all of them became murderous savages.


Rating: 4/5. This is mainly because they have a fantastic design.

332. Froffli. Froffli are known for 1) weird hair and 2) being vindictive, this leading them to be among the first to call for punishment for the Bothans during the Caamas document crisis.

I've linked that stuff so many times I can't bring myself to do it right now.

Rating: 2/5. "Known for weird hair and being vindictive" is a funny combination.

333. Frog-dogs. Like the Covallon, the Frog-dogs let others think they're mere animals. Incidentally, if you remember that strange, grunting animal that growled at C-3PO in Return of the Jedi, that was actually a Frog-dog. In fact, the reason he was in Jabba's palace was because he was an assassin who was planning on killing Jabba.

Rating: 4/5. They don't quite get the same points as the Covallon, who look cooler, but they're still pretty nifty for basically the same reasons.

334. Frost Giants. Frost Giants are gigantic beings who live on Endor, and have lethally cold breath.

Not only are they not the only race of absurdly huge giants on Endor, they are not the only ice-themed race of absurdly huge giants on Endor.

Rating: 3/5, if only because I love typing sentences like the above.

335. Frost Sprites. They... may not be an actual species. It was the Ewok cartoon, which was rather trippy.

If you're wondering, one of them "seduced" the "Snow King" to get him to cause an unseasonable and severe winter, or something. I don't know.

Rating: 3/5. Why? The design is kind of appealing.

336. Frozians. Urgh... I don't want to read this article. Do you know why?


Ahem. Some Frozians have amusing facial hair. They have some interesting biology quirks and linguistic quirks, and stuff like that.

Rating: 4/5. There seems to be a lot of solid detail (and an epic 'stache), but that article! Yikes.

337. Frunchettan-sai. Also known as Frunchies (yes), the Frunchettan-sai are pacifists who like art and culture. They also have more joints in their arms than humans and see in a slightly different frequency range.

Rating: 2/5. Minimalistic, but not uselessly so.

338. Fuzzums. The Fuzzums seem to be basically bird people similar to Ewoks. Instead of giant trees, the Fuzzums live in cliff-face dwellings.

Rating: 3/5. Eh, why not?

339. Fyyrsprus. The Fyyrsprus are reptilians who apparently have a reputation for clumsiness. The known Fyyrsprus characters worked as mechanics on a starship.

That doesn't bode well.

Rating: 3/5. You kind of have to love details like that.

340. Gacerites. Gacerites are interesting-looking, and their governor was rather hands-off during the Imperial era, so they actually loved the rule of the Empire, as nobody bugged them and they were allowed to do what they wanted.

Rating: 3/5. It's always interesting to see a species who got along with the Empire and have a good reason for liking them, instead of a bad one (see Ailon).

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