Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Place Him in the Deadly Beast Craft and Let Him Fly!"

Watching another episode of the original Voltron, I came across the above gem of a line, and it only accentuated the hilarity of what the Deadly Beast Craft actually looked like:

It's a flipping coffin-shaped spaceship. There is nothing about that which does not make my day.

Incidentally, watching Voltron makes it clear just how far anime dubs have come. These days, they actually have enough information to know what the characters are saying-back then, apparently nobody bothered sending World Event Productions anything like that, and so they just made stuff up. They also clearly have chopped in bits from later episodes at random, which makes me wonder what the heck they're talking about sometimes. (There was apparently even one episode which I believe was from the lesser-known "Vehicle" Voltron where they had it turn out that two virtually identical characters were brothers, and the one from this Voltron had sent a letter to the other.)

And, oh yes, the writers don't bother trying to preserve the fourth wall at all, at least in the episodes I've watched-while they hardly have the characters address the audience, when a character renames the protagonists from "the space explorers" to "the Voltron Force," all of a sudden all the other characters, including the villains with which they have no communications, start calling them that too.

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