Thursday, March 8, 2012

Suddenly, Something Insane

The cartoon Blackstar is an odd little predecessor of sorts to the original Filmation He-Man cartoon. By and large, it isn't nearly as iconic, and its animation is strictly inferior (while He-Man is relatively low-budget, it was always very nicely drawn; Blackstar is not as well illustrated).

However, the second episode, "Search for the Star Sword," has this gem of a sequence.

The Overlord, the main villain, is threatening the Trobbits, the obligatory kid appeal characters (who are actually genuinely bothersome, because there's seven of them and I can't remember most of their names or keep track of their personalities).

The Overlord (this is pretty much the nicest image of him from the series) has declared that "nothing can save you now."

Since he's trapped Blackstar, one of the only characters who can fight him effectively, on the other side of a huge rockfall, it would seem that he'll be able to use his sword lasers to blast them.


Mara, the obligatory friendly sorceress, shows up riding a flying shark, who is actually the shapeshifting member of the cast, Klone.

Needless to say, the Trobbits are saved, and somebody should have won an Internet for this.

-Signing off.

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