Thursday, November 18, 2010

Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #8

This week's selection looks like it's going to be rough.

71. Bagmim. The Bagmim are "tall" and "have a reputation as good fighters when aroused." (TMI! TMI!) Their primary appearances were in the Hand of Thrawn duology by Timothy Zahn, as one of a huge crowd of players during a crisis in which the Bothans (of "many Bothans have died to bring us blah blah fishcakes") were being threatened with annihilation because they apparently played a role in the massacre of a peaceful, good-natured race's home planet (said peaceful people later becoming the diplomats of space and making lots and lots of friends). The Bagmim were among those who sought vengeance on the Bothans.

Rating: 3/5, if only because of the amusement factor of the phrase I started this entry with. I'm sure that, had their appearance been more protracted, Zahn would have fleshed them out a bit more, as well.

72. Baldavian. "They were unusually good at reading lips."

Rating: 2/5 merely for their epically lame article (the above sentence is one of only two in the whole thing).

73. Balinak. The Balinak somewhat resemble anthropomorphized seals, minus fins and plus legs... or possibly really skinny polar bears. They have a dual-lung system (gills as well as "normal" lungs). They sculpt ice for their dwellings because their whole planet is glacial.

And they look ridiculous.

Rating: 2/5. There's potential for something like this, I'm sure. But I don't like this particular execution of it.

74. Balosar. Remember that guy in Attack of the Clones who offered Obi-Wan a death stick, and who was told (via Jedi mind trick) to go home and rethink his life? He was a Balosar.

Unfortunately, drug use has been made into a huge deal for the whole Balosar species.

Rating: 2/5. I'm horribly amused by the character who appeared in the movie (commonly known as "Elan Sleazebaggano"-no, really), but the fact that they've turned the whole race into a bunch of drug addicts takes a lot out of what they could have gotten.

75. Balti. They are actual anthropomorphic walruses, rather than imitation anthropomorphic walruses like "walrus faces."

Rating: 3/5. I don't like animal aliens in general, but walruses are cool.

76. Balmasian. Balmasians invented a holographic projection-based fortune cookie.

Rating: 4/5. Not quite so awesome as the fuzzy dice aliens, but they'll do.

77. Bandie. Bandies were oppressed by a neighboring species. Oh, no!

Rating: 1/5. Whatever, guys. Whatever.

78. Barabel. Barabels are huge reptilians who are described as "cold-blooded" and who are obsessed with the hunt. They aren't the only "cold-blooded" massive reptilians obsessed with hunting to inhabit the Star Wars galaxy, but they are more interesting and unique than the other case that I can think off the top of my head. Why?

Well, first off, Barabel are more commonly good-aligned beings than evil-aligned. (Not invariably, though-they were once caught chopping up sapient insectoids to feed to an insectivorous species after a trade agreement violation.) That in and of itself makes reptilian creatures more interesting.

Second, they're often jovial by nature.

The page quote from the Barabel page is a joke. Yes, a joke:

"What are invaders called on Barab I? Prey!"

I love that apparently, Barabel have terrible joke delivery.

Rating: 5/5. I like Barabels.

79. Baragwin. The Baragwin are huge, thick-skinned beings, with a body shape similar to a rancor's (huge, low-slung head and generally humanoid form, with very large arms) and a sense of smell that allows them to smell emotional shifts in others. They are generally quite intelligent but enjoy cultivating a false impression of their own stupidity in order to fool others into underestimating them. They treat all others equally.

Rating: 4/5. The Baragwin sound rather entertaining, all things considered.

80. Barri. It's a bit questionable to put the Barri here, as they are described as "semi-sapient." They apparently are enormous (seemingly incorrectly described as being 5 meters in size-if you look at the picture, it's clear they're just a bit bigger than that) and travel from planet to planet somehow by clinging to asteroids and derelict spacecraft, periodically chewing on said objects for nourishment.

Rating: 4/5. While it's pretty inexplicable how they get anywhere, I like the idea a fair bit, even if the illustration is odd-looking.

Hm, this bunch were less lame than I expected.

-Signing off.

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