Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't Feed The Cat Too Much On Thanksgiving

Eh, don't have much for today, but I do have an anecdote from a Thanksgiving a few years ago to relate.

At my house, we tend to get a full Thanksgiving dinner because it represents a couple days' worth of meals if we don't have company. (We used to get company all the time-we were kind of the go-to house in the family for the Thanksgiving gatherings at one time-but it's been a while.) This means lots and lots of scraps, and it meant even more back when Dad brought home free company turkeys, which averaged more than twenty five pounds in size. (When Mom buys the turkey, it tends to be a twelve-pounder, partly because the big ones are a lot more difficult to cook.) A few years ago, we also had a lot of cats living near our house who we fed. So Thanksgiving was a happy, happy time for them.

One of these cats, who has since moved on (we don't know just what happened to him, but he was a sweet-natured cat so we tend to hope someone else took him in), had a little trouble controlling himself. He literally ate until his sides stuck out-cats can do that, you know. Not just turkey-anything that presented itself, even Jell-O. Yes, Jell-O.

I know because I picked him up after he ate too much, and he threw some of it up on me.

Ironically, his uncle, who was there the same day (and is still hanging around) wouldn't even touch the turkey. In fact, he still won't.

Anybody who thinks animals don't have distinct personalities has obviously never known more than one animal.

-Signing off.

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