Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Talk Like a Phyrexian

I don't actually play Magic: The Gathering, but a lot of the things they do with it over at Wizards of the Coast are pretty cool.

Possibly the coolest bit? The fact that they constructed a Phyrexian language.

Phyrexians being zombie/Borg hybrid monster people/things.

I'll grant you, the visuals from the video are using cheap motion comic effects, but the fact that the Black Speech muttering actually means what the subtitles are conveying? That's awesome, especially since the Black Speech muttering just sounds like muttering. It's so awesome my sister thought it was cool, and she's not generally nearly as nerdy about Magic: The Gathering as I am. (In her words, "Are you going to say that [this video] actually has your sister interested in Magic?)

-Signing off.

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