Monday, November 29, 2010

(Mini) Game Review: Electric Box 2

Electric Box 2 is the sequel to another game which I've never played.

It's a puzzle game with a simple premise: You're building Rube Goldberg-esque machines that are intended to carry an electrical charge over to a "goal" area. The trick is that you can't directly extend wires; instead, you need to create often convoluted methods of transmission.

I played for a while the other day, and had fun until level 30 or so, usually figuring it out reasonably easily. After about that point, I couldn't figure out a single puzzle without the walkthrough.

So it's a fun puzzle game, but its difficulty may spike suddenly for you. I can mildly recommend it.

As an additional note, my kid brother played this game some and watched me play it, as well, and he had a rather loud complaint: Why aren't there regular flashlights as well as charging flashlights? (Lightbulbs serve an equivalent purpose to charging flashlights. Just what that means makes sense if you've played the game.) I told him that there was nothing a non-charging flashlight could do that a lightbulb couldn't, but he didn't buy that.

-Signing off.

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