Tuesday, November 23, 2010

(Mini) Game Review: Thanks Tanks!

Thanks Tanks! is a game that has an oddly appropriate title, considering it's almost Tanksgiving Thanksgiving.

The gameplay mostly involves building tanks with factories you capture and giving your tanks standing orders ("charge like a maniac," "retreat if hurt," and "hold this position"), and involves these rather charming graphics, though my sister compares the tanks to birds.

The game isn't terribly difficult for the most part, but sadly, neither is it particularly exciting, though one level had a ridiculously massive tank with three turrets and a range boost that could barely move. Watching that thing beat a retreat was, quite frankly, hilarious.

Adorably, you make money in the form of coins, which you scoop up with the mouse. Aside from that, there's rather little to talk about here.

If you like tanks, this game is between the good games in this post and the bad one (Zorro Tank). If you don't like watching cartoony tanks, this game probably isn't really for you, although you might want to check out the level Dragon's Lair for its hilarious giant tank.

-Signing off.

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