Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Aside: The Dogs of C Kennel

So there's this comic in one of the relatively local newspapers called The Dogs of C Kennel. It's a comic, published by the same company that publishes B.C. and Wizard of Id (oddly, B.C. hasn't run in that paper for years) about a bunch of weird-looking dogs in a pound doing things that range from very doggish to very un-doggish (e.g., one of them owns an iPhone).

Today, a strip ran that made me wonder "Why the flipping heck are you drawing a comic about dogs? You aren't nearly as good at drawing dogs as you are at drawing people (such as that rather sexy woman)."

I mean, look at this strip from earlier this month. Look at those legs on that dog. That's totally messed up. I mean, compared to the way the rest of the dog is drawn, it looks so wrong that it takes me out of the comic for a moment whenever I see the legs.

It does look a bit like the way that characters in B.C. are drawn in terms of "anatomy," but the style of detailing of the C Kennel characters' faces is higher and (perhaps more importantly) the scaling is different. In B.C., characters are shown at a distance, and so details are fuzzier and weird anatomy is less offensive (at least to me). In C Kennel, the characters are shoved right up in your face most of the time.

Which isn't to say that C Kennel is awful comics or anything (I certainly don't hate it)-I just think the art is a bit weird.

Just a little series of thoughts I've been chewing on since I read the paper this morning.

-Signing off.

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