Friday, October 29, 2010

Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #6

Ten more alien species appraised for your reading pleasure.

51. Argazdan. Apparently, the most-defining characteristic of the Argazdans is that they have some kind of religion that they spread around quite a bit. They also had quite a bit of history; there was apparently a movement in their culture with some parallels to Masada (the Old Republic was somewhat equivalent to the Roman Empire), but instead of simply being rebels, this Argazdan subculture's members were also a bunch of slavers. The modern Argazdans apparently tended to react to symbols of that time period the same way many modern Americans react to displays of the Confederate flag (i.e. strongly and negatively).

Rating: 3/5. Argazdans have kind of an interesting history, which makes up for the fact that they basically just look like rather ugly humans.

52. Argullian. Argullians had "broad, flat" noses and yellow irises, but otherwise looked human, and many were victims of battles of the Clone Wars on their homeworld.

Rating: 1/5. Not enough history to be interesting.

53. Arhan. Arhan resemble thinner, frailer humans. All other information about Arhan comes from just two individuals who were a married couple.

Rating: 1/5. Nearly human beings who are only distinguished by build (which human outliers might equal or exceed)? YAWN.

54. Arized. The Arized were good at building starships. Unfortunately for them, they were wiped out by the Vagaari, who then stole all their remaining ships for their own use because they did that kind of thing for giggles.

Rating: 2/5. While their minimal existence and status of only being known as dead victims is kind of... well, it's sad at best... it's a reasonably interesting tidbit of story. Too bad they're all dead...

55. Arkanian. Arkanians apparently are highly skilled genetic engineers who closely resemble humans. They practice so much genetic engineering that nobody's really sure just what "baseline Arkanian" really means. They are apparently responsible for at least a few of the peculiar "races" (such as the previously mentioned Aqualish races) to a greater or lesser degree.

Rating: 3/5. Arkanians tend to be striking in appearance, and the fact that they're essentially a race known for what we might call mad science is kinda cool.

56. Arkudan. Arkudans made Arkudan gaming cubes, which are apparently equivalent to the fuzzy rearview mirror dice.

Rating: 5/5. Do not oppose the fuzzy dice.

57. Armalat. The Armalat are described as "giant," "green-skinned," and "non-humanoid." The most intriguing line of the Wookieepedia entry is as follows: "Each one of their hands only had three fingers." So how many hands do they have? I'm curious.

Rating: 2/5. It's only this high because they sound like they might be dinosaurs.

58. Arpor-Lan. Arpor-Lan were human-like in appearance, but with bone-covered eyebrows and chin horns. They were natives of a planet that had been enslaved some very long time ago by some aristocrats, but had been freed more recently.

Rating: 3/5. Eh, they're not exciting, but they provide a bit of flavor and variety.

59. Aruzan. The Aruzan apparently universally use cybernetic implants designed to let them share memories and emotions. Unfortunately for them, these implants also made them vulnerable to being brainwashed into berserker soldiers by Imperial scientists. The bounty hunter Dengar was hired by Aruzan rebels to kill the project director, but it's unlikely that this stopped the project.

Dengar later married one of them, because who can say no to a sexy blue-skinned lady?

Rating: 3/5. I like them mostly because I remember the story they were in positively.

60. Askajian. The Askajians were the near-human race from which hailed the infamous "fat dancer" from Jabba's palace. The primary reason she looked like that is because Askajians store water similarly to camels because their home planet is arid, and she, erm, looks bigger when fully hydrated-which she usually was while she was Jabba's slave, because Jabba claimed that she "reminded him of his mother."



Rating: 3/5. A lot of people pick on the fat dancer, but she doesn't deserve it.

Hmm, this week was kind of lean pickings again.


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