Friday, October 8, 2010

Can't Defeat Airman?

Not really a fan of the Mega Man games, but I found this absolutely hilarious, partly because it brings across how frustrating video games can be.

If you're wondering what in the world the guy is singing about (and have never played Mega Man 2, in which case, I am led to believe, you'll understand instantly), you could probably look it up (Googling "can't defeat Air Man/Airman" will get you about a bazillion hits), but the gist of it is that he wants an item that will let him cross a lava area that's nearly impossible to get through; unfortunately, the item is guarded by Air Man. He can't beat Air Man. He tries to beat Wood Man, because if he beats Wood Man, he can use Wood Man's weapon to beat Air Man. But he can't beat Wood Man either. How to defeat Wood Man? Get past the lava area that he can't cross to defeat Heat Man, who has the weapon Wood Man's weak to.

Yes, really. That's how the actual game apparently works.

-Signing off.

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