Friday, October 15, 2010

Space Crazy Comics: Unwanted World (in 30 Seconds)

From Outer Space #24 (public domain junk), Unwanted World is a story about some rather jerky and self-important Atlanteans.

They're being attacked by machine-gun and warplane-wielding Native Americans and similarly armed Viking-like barbarians from North America and Europe... (I'd have shown those panels, because yeah, but I'm quite low on time.)

So what's Xelox's solution?

He blew it up.

Of course, I'm placing this panel out of context-he had everybody evacuated into the flying saucer first, and then blew it up.

They lived on the Moon, whose original inhabitable environment they just might have accidentally destroyed, until they were discovered by space explorers orbiting the Moon.

And then, if the inhabitants of modern Earth didn't conform to their standards, they promised to "infect" (their words) them with the "newly invented cure to greed." Yes. Seriously.

Creepy, weird, and evil, guys. Cut it out.

-Signing off.

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