Friday, October 22, 2010

Game Review(s): Shift (and Shift 2)

Shift and Shift 2 are a pair of games that mess with your head on two levels.

First, the central gameplay mechanic is "shifting." Basically, it completely alters the screen in a very simple and predictable (but still difficult to grasp instantly) way.

This wouldn't make much visual sense except in pure black and white, with no grayscaling, and so that's how the game works.

It's simple flipping. When you flip, your color reverses, and the opposite color (black or white) becomes solid. You also stand on the same plane as you would otherwise (i.e. you flip yourself relative to your previous position-you'd fly into the floor and then be standing on the ceiling of another room in a real life equivalent.

The second game expands on this aspect with gravity warping.

This is quite similar to That Gravity Game (one of several games that I've reviewed which take a simple platforming game and twist it into something completely new).

There's more to it than just that, though. This game is messing with your head, a lot like Eversion (linked a bit ago) but possibly even worse.

Yes, the timer is a lie. (Well, perhaps that depends on your point of view, but...)

If you have interest in innovative, unusual games (such as the various ones I linked), you should try these two out... and watch out for the (expletive deleted) spikes. (They WILL kill you.)

-Signing off.

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