Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Game Review: That Gravity Game

I don't know why I keep finding and reviewing games that take the basic platformer concept (i.e., the Mario games) and mess with it. First, Enough Plumbers (I later noted its ending); then, Hello Worlds!. And now, That Gravity Game.

In That Gravity Game, you play a marshmallow, Marsh, who was struck by lightning and brought to life.

Marsh isn't very lucky, because he falls into a machine called the Gravitron 3000.

There, gravity works differently than in most games (and differently than in real life). Within the machine, there are fields that shift your personal gravity.

It's very easy to tell which fields do what, as they are color-coded and have arrows pointing in the direction of the exerted force (i.e.the direction you'll fall in).

As you can see, you can fall up...

...and also sideways.

Sometimes you fall in every direction in rapid succession.

Like Hello Worlds! and Enough Plumbers, That Gravity Game is a puzzle game at heart, and sometimes, it's quite clever.

And like those games, it can also be quite vicious.

As with the other games, That Gravity Game is short and to the point. If you've got a bit of patience for the rough spots (and love a bit of cool music, which speeds up as the game progresses), you could do worse than playing it for half an hour to an hour.

-Signing off.

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