Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bozo the Iron Man

Presumably, this guy is of no relation to the rather better-known Iron Man, hm?

"Bozo the Iron Man" (also sometimes referred to as "Bozo the Robot," I believe-both names are erroneous) was a detective who for no sensible reason happened to have an indestructible, super-powered, flying (and super-fast running) suit/remote controlled robot.

Yes, it flies.

What cracks me up about this image is that in this and other panels where Bozo flies, there are motion lines on his little head disk thing, as if to indicate it's a spinning propeller.

Anyway, there's not much to say about Bozo's adventures: He's a superstrong robot who beats the stuffing out of bad guys, and there's nothing they can do to stop him.

He has a penchant for calling crooks "birds," "babies," and stuff like that.


Does he think they're attractive women or something?

The writer obviously was not well-practiced at show-don't-tell, because the last three panels of this particular story explain the heck out of the plot (seeming ghosts were shooting police in a "haunted house"):

It's really kind of sad to watch the villains at work-they don't stand a chance.

Bozo could even, unlike most large and heavy characters from the Golden Age, swim, so he basically had no weaknesses.

And, oh yeah-while Bozo usually had no problem controlling his strength, sometimes...


The last panel of this story features a newspaper headline that celebrates Bozo's "accidental" slaying of that guy. No joke.

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