Friday, June 4, 2010

Challenge of the Super Powered Guardians

(No Writing Blog post this week, but I think I've got a starting point. Just need a little prep time over there...)

I was poking around on YouTube, and came across this video.

Now, I'm not trying to tip any sacred cows or anything (ack, or mangle metaphors), but all Hanna-Barbera animation that's trying to be serious makes me think of this:

(And I didn't even realize that the Super Powers/Super-Friends stuff was Hanna-Barbera until I looked it up, so it's kind of blatant.)

What really makes me roll my eyes is that the "Galactic Guardians" coincides with the Gobot good-guy faction's name (i.e. Guardians). It's not a huge coincidence, but it's still kinda funny...

-Signing off.

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