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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#62)

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611. Lafrarians. The Lafrarians are inhabitants of Lafra, the same homeworld as the Lafrans. In other words, the Lafrans are an indexing/spelling error of some kind or another, especially since the Lafrarians have the same description: "Avian humanoid." Apparently, it just means people with aquiline noses (...wait a minute) and little skin-flaps on their arms (...what?) and feathers on their heads that are effectively indistinguishable from hair (...um). Okay, apparently that last one is effectively a special hairdo or something some of them liked. Their only major distinction is that they have superior flight-oriented instincts.

Rating: 2/5, if only for the audacity of the stupid human avian thing.

612. Lahag Erli. ...as opposed to the Lahag Laet. (They conquered some worlds and made a lot of pretty architecture or something.)

Rating: 2/5. Okay, okay, that was a pretty terrible pun, but it just suggested itself.

613. Lahsbee/Huhks. The Lahsbee are peaceful somewhat Ewok-like beings (to the point where their original design was changed by request because the then-upcoming Ewoks were too similar) who, upon reaching adulthood, become the huge, violent Huhks. The Lahsbee and Huhks live separately from each other.

Not how that works, but oh well.

Supposedly, they're related to the Dazouri, who hulk out on a temporary basis rather than when they reach adulthood.

Rating: 3/5. Eh, it's an interesting concept, even if they have to clutter things up with the silly "Oh, well they're related to these other slightly similar (albeit only in a superficial way) guys!" silliness.

614. Lakran. They have torso plates and large hands. They might be "insectile." Some of them were hired as mercenaries by some dude. Oh, and the singular of their name is "Lakra."

Rating: 1/5. Very nondescript.

615. Lamproids, or Florn Lamproids. Lamproids are critters with huge tusky teeth and no apparent jaws (i.e. they actually resemble agnathans such as lampreys-good on you, people who named the species!). If you remember a freaky-looking puppet from the cantina scene, you might be thinking of the Lamproid puppet, which apparently had a feature excluded from the movie for messiness and possibly inappropriateness. (Look yourself if you're interested.) The full design was actually only created recently, and apparently the body of a Lamproid is something like a six-legged lizard with a very long neck and tail.

They're smart, ferocious, and cunning, and despite being primitive and lacking hands, have spread across the galaxy, either as citizens or as an invasive species that just happens to be sapient. At least some of them are telepathic and can get the unsuspecting to do things for them. The one in the cantina had just fallen in love with a wolfman who had walked in. (I am not making this up.) Apparently, some enthusiasts hunt them as game because they're dangerous.

Rating: 5/5. The Lamproids are rather underused, I think. I think the thing I like best is that they're very alien, but not in a stupid way ("Oh, I will do some crazy stuff and then just say it's because I'm an alien! Heh!").

616. Langhesi. The Langhesi (whose name was significantly misspelled at least once in the article) apparently were reasonably well known at one point for their technology, which involved modifying living things for various purposes (similarly to the biotechnology of species like the Charon and the Yuuzhan Vong). Some other guys thought that was horrible because it was against their religion (the other guys' religion, not the Langhesi religion) and decided to conquer their planet and enslave them, presumably to punish or reeducate them. A Langhesi mass migration ended up at the planet Zonama Sekot, where they provided the living planet with many of its defensive mechanisms and its hyperdrive.

Rating: 3/5. ...It strikes me as a bit odd that Zonama Sekot, which is the child of the home planet of the Yuuzhan Vong (LOL SPOILERS FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T READ THAT NASTY STORYLINE) should need others to build it biotechnology, but I suppose, thinking about it, that it might not have all the information it needed to do that by itself, because it could be that the Yuuzhan Vong had shaped those abilities into the organisms from Sekot's parent, and they weren't inherent in the organisms.

617. Langoonans. The Langoonans were once one of the well-favored slave races of the Hutts (i.e. they were treated well), but when they rebelled and failed, the Hutts retaliated by slaughtering them and depriving them of all technology. A tiny population is permitted to scrape by so that the Hutts can hunt and eat them for fun.

Rating: 3/5. BRRR, those Hutts.

618. Lankorians. Ambiguously canonical. Heads shaped like sugarloaves.

Rating: 1/5. I didn't need to see that.

619. Lannik. Do you remember the parade and stuff at the end of Episode I? There was a shortish pinkish guy standing next to Yoda who had long ears.

He was a Lannik.

Note that, easy as it might be to take away the impression that he was related to Yoda, Yoda is not a Lannik; Yoda is a member of a species with no official name of its own at this point, so it's just called "Yoda's species."

Anyway, Lannik have a reputation for hotheadedness and bellicoseness, and are also known for keeping cool heads in combat... Wait.

Apparently, first contact with the Lannik by human and Duros explorers went poorly, leading to civil war between the Lannik, outside criminal syndicates getting a strong foothold on the planet, and the Galactic Republic having to do a big intervention which didn't accomplish much. They aren't seen often in space by the time of the Galactic Empire, though apparently they were more commonly seen before that.

Rating: 3/5. There are some interesting elements, but it's a bit dopey that they're so similar in appearance (in an admittedly technically superficial way) to Yoda's species.

620. Lasat. The Lasat are based on repurposed artwork for a character from a very early draft of the first Star Wars film who was an old alien Jedi general named Han Solo. (The early drafts seem very weird with the context of the films themselves.) Technically, the character design led to the creation of Chewbacca, and so as a joke, larger Lasat males may be mistaken for Wookiees.

Lasat apparently are primitives who aren't members of the wider galactic society, but sometimes were abducted from their homes by slavers. As Lasat culture reveres guile and cunning in its heroes, and such traits were encouraged amongst themselves (they preferred using traps over other forms of hunting), their servitude apparently rarely lasted. It was often apparently ended, incidentally, with home-made explosives that the Lasat made. Obviously, slavers needed to learn to keep the Lasat out of the cleaning cupboards.

One Lasat was named Puggles Trodd, and was a bounty hunter.

Rating: 4/5. Why? Explosives, and the interesting trivia around their creation. (I actually think a big alien Jedi would have served the original movies very well, especially since "Han Solo" spoke English, if I recall, and a lot of misconceptions about Wookiees seem to come from the fact that they can't talk.)

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