Monday, October 22, 2012

Gangnam Transformers ... Whatever Style

Yeah, I saw this, and pretty much was obligated to post it.

Because Gangnam Style + Transformers = Something I'll Blog About.

I think my favorite of the parallel incongruous moments is the Space Bridge equivalent to the elevator sequence.

I mean, I know this is a bit weird, but the elevator gyration sequence is actually my favorite part of the original crazy video, just because Psy (the musician) is cool as a cucumber while this seeming maniac gyrates and makes crazy faces above him.

Then, we have this, where we have Megatron take the place of Mr. Pelvic Thrust and Shockwave take the place of Psy.

Having G1 Megatron, who has an image of weight and magnificence in the fandom but rarely lives up to that in the cartoon, be the gyrating elevator space bridge maniac is really funny in and of itself, just because the character's pretty much a total dope already. But Shockwave...

In case you are not aware, equating Psy (who is a funny, goofy guy-he wrote the song and as I understand it directed the original Gangnam Style video, which means that he's basically the Korean Weird Al) with Shockwave (who is always serious and at least a little "logical" [Bob Budiansky, the Marvel writer tapped to make character bios, basically designed and wrote him as evil Spock, and yes this is a thing, perhaps the best thing] and at any rate is not a guy who would ever be the life of the party despite being amongst my favorite Transformers of all time) is inherently hilarious.

And if you're having trouble figuring out why Psy = Shockwave is hilarious, I have doubts you in fact have any sense of irony or humor.

-Signing off.

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