Thursday, October 4, 2012

(Surprisingly Old) POP CULTURE STORM

This clip is rather famous/infamous among anime fans for being one of the first productions of a group who would later go on to form Gainax (famous for Gurren Lagann and some other stuff, most notably the super-grim [and in my own opinion, kinda gross for reasons unrelated to sexual content] Evangelion). This was a totally amateur production that they more or less made in their homes for a convention. It is also the nerdiest thing I've seen in ages. (Well, actually, I've seen nerdier recently, but it's related to this and comes later. Yes, I'll go into it.)

I totally lost it when the Star Destroyer, Martian flying machines, and TIE Fighters showed up, and I hadn't been doing too well before that. (And I mean that in the positive sense.)

What really gets me is that I recognize almost everything that got referenced specifically. (Ultraman's Science Patrol, Starship Troopers [the armored suit that chases the little girl is actually the official Japanese design for the powered suit, but it actually made its animation debut here], that ugly monster is probably another Ultraman reference, the signal the suit gives when it gets wrecked looks generically familiar, then comes Godzilla, Ultraman villain Baltan seijin, King Ghidorah, Gamera, a "maser tank," the aforementioned Star Destroyer, Martian flying machines from the old War of the Worlds film, TIE Fighters, a Gundam that mysteriously transforms into the Ideon, the, erm, Atragon/it has some other name too, if I recall, I'm pretty sure that's a Tolmekian airship, the Space Battleship Yamato, and the Starship Enterprise. I promise I did not Google or use other reference materials at all for the entire time I was working on this post.)

If you're wondering what the heck is with the spaceship shaped like a vegetable at the end, this was created for a convention called "Daicon," and there's a type of radish called a "daikon" radish. Or something like that. (That's the closest you're getting to actual logic.)

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