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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#66)

651. Lyunesi. The Lyunesi come from a homeworld with a total of six native races, but the other five have never been identified. Oh, boy, the unidentified alien species section is going to be fun to go through. ("Unidentified Ryoone Species #1. All we know is that they exist. Rating: 1/5. Unidentified Ryoone Species #2. All we know...")

Anyway, the Lyunesi are fragile "humanoids" who have a special affinity for translating languages and reading body language. Kinda depressing when your specialty is shared by a mass-produced appliance, isn't it? It's especially problematic for the Lyunesi, because it sounds like they have... stability issues, shall we say, that arise from the fact that apparently they're prone to becoming obsessed with single individuals as a result of their sensitivity to body language, in a state that is apparently called "hyper-eros," which apparently can affect the subject of these attentions reciprocally.

One particular Lyunesi got in trouble for having an affair with someone's "alpha concubine," and the bounty was enough that Boba Fett and an entire team of bounty hunters got together to catch him. (It turned into a trap set for Boba Fett by a crazy Hutt from a group of Hutts that had agreed to protect the guy... or something.)

Rating: 3/5. The idea that a race would be more prone to having obsessive infatuation behaviors than others makes a certain kind of sense, even if the explanation is a bit silly. I also like the fact that their homeworld has a bunch of different sapient species, even if it's not really explained (which, as noted, is setting me up for a bit of awkward later).

652. M'shinni. The M'shinni (singular M'shinn) are also known as Mossies because of their symbiotic plant body coverings (which do provide them with some nourishment, and as such they technically go naked). They apparently are all female and reproduce by parthenogenesis, in ideal environmental conditions (i.e. the right diet, weather, etc.) giving birth about once every three years. Because this means that they're mostly indistinguishable from each other, they are careful to accessorize in unique ways to set themselves apart.

Apparently, they have a friendly rivalry with the Ithorians as masters of the various agricultural arts, and also have control of multiple planets, more than one of which are dedicated "agriworlds."

A bit unusually, the M'shinni preferred either neutrality or the Galactic Empire during the time period where the Empire was in power.

Rating: 3/5. The idea of what amounts to an agricultural "belt" existing in the Star Wars galaxy makes some sense, and the fact that the M'shinni built theirs before making contact with the Old Republic makes a single-species one make more sense than it might. The pro-Imperial facet is also somewhat interesting.

653. M'ust. The M'ust are apparently a primitive subterranean group. They look... rather unfortunately like racial caricatures with saber teeth and head fins thrown on. Shame, Marvel Comics, shame.

They interacted with a guy called Cody Sunn-Childe, a goofy-looking guy who apparently was the public face of the Rebellion at some point, because he fell into their home caves and had amnesia there at some point, and it kinda sounds like they worshiped him a bit because he was fireproof or something.

Rating: 2/5. If you get rid of the caricature aspect and just make them guys with saber teeth and head fins, they'd be really cool-looking, and there's no reason they m'ust must be drawn the same way if they appear again.

654. Ma'alkerrite ape-men. I find it odd that they're "Ma'alkerrite ape-men." That implies that there are other kinds of Ma'alkerrites or something.

Anyway, apparently some were in a bar as part of the ugly, rough crowd, and when Boba Fett suggested that a young fellow in the bar was a Jedi and that he should be killed, they participated. As this was in a pick-a-path book, this presumably means the kid died horribly at their and others' hands in at least one path.

Rating: 2/5, for the implication that there are multiple varieties of Ma'alkerrites and nothing more.

655. Maccabree. The Maccabree are allies of another couple of species (another example are the Faruun, who are connected) who share a quite rare distinction-they are from a galaxy other than the main galaxy in which Star Wars takes place (a galaxy whose name I've seen for the first time today-"Firefist" to its natives, "Companion Besh," which is like saying "Companion B," to those in the Star Wars galaxy itself). Apparently at some point, a very large number of Maccabree were outfitted with cybernetic battlesuits and trained as air/space-droppable shock troops. The particular advantage this gave them was that, in addition to having big, heavily armored frames, the suits were designed to make them appear more humanoid than they actually were-particularly, the Maccabree lack heads, while the suits had heads mounted on top as decoy targets.

This is very amusing. Marvel Comics, I forgive you a little for the drawings of the M'ust.

Rating: 3/5. Because fun. Their suits could also detach their legs in order to fly.

656. Maelibi. The Maelibi (singular Maelibus) are also known as demons. They're from the same planet/system as the Diathim, the "angels" mentioned by Anakin in Episode I. There's a rather silly misuse of the word "attributed" on the page-"they possessed natural claws, razor-sharp teeth, and horns which attributed to their demonic appearance." Contributed, guys, contributed.

Anyway, apparently they're extremely resistant to blaster fire and many other conventional weapons, live underground, and have hypnotic singing that they use to draw other sapients into their territory, where they kill and eat them. Nice.

Rating: 3/5. It's a little too stereotypical for one planet to have both "angels" and "demons," really, but they're kind of scary cool. (The stereotypical-ness of it is why it's not 4/5, actually.)

657. Maerdocians. Apparently, they don't speak Basic (English) and their voices are possibly entirely roaring.

Rating: 2/5. They're mentioned during the Caamas document crisis, incidentally.

658. Mairans. The Mairans of Maires apparently have two "eye membranes," over forty tentacles, and prefer to be aquatic but can survive on land as long as they remain properly moisturized, which they achieve through carrying big sprinkler devices around in backpacks, a fact that makes me laugh. They can speak Basic but also have their own musical language which involves actually using an instrument, and which they apparently prefer.

Rating: 3/5. They sound very entertaining, especially since they also apparently are passive aggressive with at least one other group in the galaxy, building an embassy on top of an area that group wanted to mine on just to deny them.

659. Majan. They appear in a podracing game, and as such apparently their home planet is the location of one of the tracks.

Rating: 1/5. At first I thought that they looked like an interesting group of aliens, but then I looked closer and realized they were really just humans in funny clothes.

660. Makurth. The Makurth are horn-bearing saurians, some of whom serve as high-profile bodyguards for underworld figures. They're also known for having a particularly intimidating scream that they utter before combat.

One was a member of the Sith group whose destruction was later orchestrated by Darth Bane; in fact, that Makurth was the first of the other Sith that Bane killed, though for pettier reasons than most of his Sith victims.

Rating: 4/5. I like the Makurth because their four large horns give them a distinctive appearance among the scaly beings of the Star Wars galaxy.

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