Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tetris Is Not My Kind Of Game...

...but these videos are still awesome.

You might be wondering what's going on there. Well, it's not a fake video, and neither is this.

What's actually happening is that these games are being played on an emulator (a computer program designed to mimic a game console) and the players have slowed down the game's running speed to perhaps as low as fifty percent of normal, while using an emulator feature called "saved state" to essentially rewind the game repeatedly until the random block picker gives them the block they want, so that they can more easily screw around/acquire a high score.

(People who do this call it "tool-assisted" playing and insist that it's not cheating. While the point could be argued, it would definitely be questionable on the "cheating" front to claim a tool-assisted playthrough as not tool-assisted. Of course, cheating at video games is kind of moot, though I'll point out that whenever I used the phrase "cheat code" or something similar when talking about video games/computer games with my mother growing up, she would become deeply offended at the idea that I was considering cheating at a video game. It's a generational thing, I think.)

Think of it as the hypothetical best case scenario, assuming that a player has superhuman reflexes.

-Signing off.

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