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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#130)

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(The end is near. I'm not sure how I'm going to cover the "Unidentified species" category, because it's going to be a lot of pointless stubs.)

1291. Zeffliffl. Zeffliffl resemble seaweed even though they can live as terrestrial creatures (they do seem to need immersion in salt water, or at least to stay damp), and apparently live in small quasi-familial groups with some sort of soft hive-mind thing going on (which is described as a "subconscious" connection-I'm not sure whoever used that word was using it correctly) that means they don't trust outsiders very much.

Zeffliffl only appeared in fiction once, that appearance being when a group of them asked the extradimensional intelligence Waru to use his anti-Force powers to heal one of them. Han Solo was convinced it was all a scam, but it wasn't.

Rating: 2/5. Conceptually, they're kind of interesting, even if it's a bit of a screwy idea too.

1292. ZeHethbra. At first, I thought ZeHethbra were some kind of dogs or bears or something. They're not.

They're mustelids, specifically something very much like wolverines. We're not talking that one short mutant guy, we're talking the creatures that have also been called "skunk-bears." Because bears that are also skunks/skunks that are also bears are a lot scarier than some guy with metal claws who narrates a lot.

Regardless, as that implies, they have a sort of natural mace/pepper spray, to which they themselves are immune, and are good-sized rather bearish dudes.

They apparently have pheromones that can be used by an informed ZeHethbra to identify an individual's entire family history; each ZeHethbra can identify any other ZeHethbra by this scent.

ZeHethbra value honesty, social status, and leadership qualities, but are also temperamental. When they colonized other planets, their tempers led to conflict with the natives of one of these planets, the Dugs, who have a comparable reputation for bad tempers. This contributed to Old Republic sanctions against the Dugs.

Incidentally, the Dugs really got a raw deal from the Old Republic; not only did the ZeHethbra colonize their planet and get the Dugs punished for it, but so did the Gran, supposed pacifists, and those guys outright subjugated them. Good grief but the Old Republic of the prequel era was screwed up.

Rating: 4/5. I really hate the Gran, but the ZeHethbra are frikkin' skunk-bear people. Can't argue with that.

1293. Zelosians. Zelosians really strongly resemble humans, but have chlorophyll instead of blood.

I'm pretty sure I've seen a pretty similar species description, but... I have no idea what it was. It's been so long.

Rating: 1/5. That's not how biology works. (I almost wrote "that's now how biology works," which would have been hilarious but wrong.)

1294. Zeltrons. Zeltrons are basically pink or red humans with really strong pheromones, minor telepathy/empathy and virtually no boundaries.

Yeah, they're basically a race of sexy sex fiends.

Their planet, Zeltros, has supposedly been invaded a number of times, but these invasions tend to end in wild orgies parties rather than violent battles. The only races whose invasions didn't end this way were the Hiromi's (by virtue of being interrupted by two other successive invasions, those being the other two-and there seem to be hints that, despite being cartoonish bug people, they were potentially susceptible to the Zeltrons' charms), the Nagai's (by virtue of not being particularly charmed by the Zeltrons, which utterly flabbergasted the Zeltrons), and the Tof (who were chasing the Nagai and were basically an army of dudebro rapist barbarians, which would have ended differently for obvious reasons if they hadn't been stopped by the New Republic instead).

...Marvel Star Wars was weird, guys.

Rating: 4/5. I kinda like the Zeltrons, because they're a sexy fanservice race who have what appears to be a healthy relationship with sex instead of a history of sex slavery (coughTwi'lekshack). Also, while we don't see much of them, it's quite unambiguous that dude Zeltrons are regarded the same way lady Zeltrons are.

1295. Zeolosians. From Zeolosia.

Rating: 1/5.

1296. Zeuols. Zeuols have pale faces and large eyes akin to a Grey's. (I've been using that link a lot more in the last few entries. Apparently creativity runs out towards the end of the alphabet.)

They had a senator who showed up at the funeral in Episode III.

Rating: 1/5. Meh.

1297. Zexx. Zexx look a lot like Esoomians, who look cool (because they're both based on rancor concept art, which isn't as cool as the rancor but is still cool), and are speculated to be related.

They find the idea of "borrowing without permission" completely equivalent to theft and thus very offensive.

Rating: 4/5. They actually look a little cooler than Esoomians because their facial features are unambiguously tusks (they could be tentacles on the Esoomians).

1298. Zilkins. Zilkins are vaguely frog-faced tiny cartoonish aliens who have eyes on stalks. Their design is apparently loosely based on Gungan concept art, which is a thing that the Clone Wars show did a lot (basing things on rejected concept art for the movies, that is).

Rating: 3/5. They're modestly amusing.

1299. Zisians. Zisians apparently are reptilian, but at least one (creepy old man dudebro) expected to be able to have children with a human, so apparently they're "near-human."

Rating: 1/5.

1300. Zizimaak. Creations of the DarkStryder, they joined the Yapi, Segmi, and other races and the crew of the FarStar in an alliance against the DarkStryder, which must have involved some really awkward incidents, because Yapi regard Zizimaak as prey and Zizimaak regard Segmi as prey.

Unlike other Kathol Rift inhabitants, the Zizimaak can't use Ta-Ree powers (like the Force, but Kathol Rift-ier).

I've said all this without mentioning that the Zizimaak are basically giant dragonfly/hummingbird hybrids, which is hilarious.

Rating: 4/5. Kathol Rift, you complete me. (Sadly, that's almost certainly the last time I get to talk about it unless I get creative.)

-Signing off.

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