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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#132)

The Massive Index (Posts #1-#100)
The Less Massive Index (Posts #101-#110)
The Second Less Massive Index (Posts #111-#120)
The Third Less Massive Index (Posts #121-#130)

(Skipped Dharus' species, Endorian felinoids, extinct Shola species, and Farn Klin's species.)

1311. Bron Burs's species. Bron Burs was derived from a discarded Return of the Jedi maquette (right after Brangus Glee? Weird) and I mainly bring him up because he was kinda neat-looking.

Like Brangus Glee, he was also a Force sensitive, although in his case rather than suspicious gambling habits he presumably put them to use in his occupation as a commando for the Rebellion.

Rating: 2/5. Mostly because he looks kinda neat.

1312. Cabrool Nuum's species. This species looks almost human enough that they could be taken to be human.

All three known members of the species were relate and members of some criminal something-or-other, and Jabba the Hutt personally killed all three of them. (Jabba was very active and pretty disgusting in said comic; he ate one of them.)

Rating: 1/5. They don't really have any particularly interesting features, though I admit I find aspects of their appearance aesthetically pleasing.

1313. Dania Francis's species. This seahorse/humanoid species is a member of the Iskalonian School, and...




Rating: 1/5. While I like the Iskalonian School as a concept, I can't say I like that character design very much. I mean, sheesh.

1314. Davnar II natives. They're reptilian and said to have a "flair" for execution.

Rating: 1/5. Incidental, although it's kind of an interesting tidbit.

1315. Dyslogia Twang's species. This species has huge, kinda squishy-looking heads and little bitty skinny hands.

Incidentally, the one known member was a news network contributor, and the article can't seem to agree with itself on his gender (the article on the character consistently uses male pronouns/terminology, but the article on the species calls him male but then primarily/exclusively uses female pronouns). Kinda screwy.

Rating: 2/5. They have kind of an interesting goitery look.

1316. Eban's species. This species is 1) marsupial, 2) chews bananas in public, and 3) wears traditional ceremonial headgear called the Helmet of Fourteen Confusions, which apparently is prone to causing wearers to break into speeches from "the 41st eon."

How delightfully bizarre.

Rating: 3/5. I particularly like the idea of the Helmet of Fourteen Confusions, because the name is so evocative and fantasy-esque.

1317. Eero Iridian's species. This species is tall, spindly, and has bright yellow eyes and flexible antennae.

Funnily enough, the article feels the need to mention that they have feet. While I appreciate the possibility that they don't, most things that wouldn't would not fall under the description "tall and spindly" (the exception being something rooted in one place, mostly).

Less goofily, it's noted that they may wrap their antennae around their fingers while nervous, which is a nice little bit of body language concept that more aliens could use (that is, something not purely anthropomorphic, and linked to the alien's anatomy).

Rating: 2/5. I like that detail on the antennae.

1318. Elfish humanoids. They're, well, elves, and may be related to the Sephi.

I have never and can never bring myself to care about the Sephi, but the primary known member of this species, Lourdes, is basically Princess Zelda, which is rather amusing. Well, Princess Zelda if she stabbed Ganondorf (who was a Yahk-Tosh instead of... whatever he is) to death with swords.

Er, that is to say, Lourdes stabbed a Yahk-Tosh to death with swords, and if we're comparing her to Zelda, that Yahk-Tosh was her Ganondorf.


Never mind.

(Her "Link" was some human Jedi who didn't contribute nearly as much as Lourdes or her anthropomorphic fly butler to that part of the conflict, even though he was still her love interest. Turned out that Lourdes was a prophesied hero and that guy was mostly incidental. Which is kind of funny.)

Rating: 3/5. I suspect that if I were to actually read the full story, this might well be different (due to various relatively probable terrible nonsense), but on the weight of Lourdes clearly being awesome based on the summaries I've read, her unnamed species gets a decent rating.

1319. Ellam's species. This four-armed and vaguely froglike species can't endure Earthlike gravity and thus at least one of its members cruises around in a hoverchair. Said individual is extremely portly and, if this image is any indication, apparently pretty windbaggy. Look at that sassy display behind him.

I mean, unless she's also some nonhuman species, it appears she's sassing so hard that she's dislocated her jaw a bit...

Rating: 3/5. I kind of like the design, and I'm amused by the sass.

1320. Feleen Bantillian's species. The known members of this species are, once more, all part of one family; in this case, all of them were killed by Boba Fett instead of Jabba. (And one of them put out a bounty on one of the others with the intention of setting a trap because of a revenge plot for the first one, who had been killed in a previous incident.)

One individual we've seen seemed to be huge but also covered entirely in armor and so we can only guess at what he looked like underneath; the other was a brain in a jar (and a crime lord).

The armor that this individual wore suggests some interesting anatomical details, but there's no actual hard and fast knowledge. The brain, on the other hand, was clearly visible.

Rating: 2/5. There's certain things here which earn a point even though things are sketchy overall.

-Signing off.

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