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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#131)

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(I finally decided that the way I'm going to handle this is that if I can think of something to say other than "NOPE" or "meh" about a given species in the "Unidentified" species section, I'll list them, even if it's just "OH GOSH THAT'S HORRIFYING" or "that's sorta neat-looking."

On that subject, I've skipped a total of five species for this article.)

1301. Zoa'mon. The Zoa'mon are said to have been exterminated by Xim the Despot, who is said to have justified their extinction by saying they were slavers. (This is from the Hutt play Evocar, which is of ambiguously historical nature. It should be noted that the Hutts were enemies of Xim and defeated him, and should also be noted that the play's depiction of Xim is hilarious. I've mentioned in the past that Xim's essential response to being accused to wiping out nine species is "which ones did you leave out?" and his response to another accusation was "well, sure, those two, but that third one I don't know what you're talking about.")

Rating: 2/5. Honestly, that's high, but I'm feeling nostalgic because it's probably the last time I get to bring up Evocar's (extremely brief) depiction of Xim.

1302. Zolanders. The Clawdites are a genetic offshoot of the Zolanders. Traditionally, the Zolanders treated the Clawdites as second-class citizens at best, but at some point during the era of the New Republic, a civil war broke out on their mutual homeworld of Zolan which resulted in the Clawdites subjugating the Zolanders.

We have no pictures of the Zolanders, but presumably they're some kind of ugly lumpy people, because that seems to be the Clawdites' "true" form.

Rating: 2/5. It's just one big cycle of unhappiness, isn't it?

1303. Zongorlu. Zongorlu are big, lumpy plant beings who can apparently only travel over about three feet of ground a day. They are capable of blinking and can be set on fire (now there's a bizarre set of characteristics to be listed together).

There was some propaganda that played the Zongorlu up as terrifying and numerous warriors intended to keep a force of Mandalorians from invading the planet, but it was entirely nonsense. In actual fact, when the Mandalorians invaded, they started setting Zongorlu on fire out of mere boredom rather than hostility; the leader apparently ordered it stopped because he was worried that the fires would threaten the Mandalorian camps, because it was a dry week.


Rating: 2/5. Kinda wish we knew what they looked like beyond the vague description.

1304. Zoolli. Zoolli mostly look like humans, can potentially have blue hair, and are known for having "longer, thinner" noses than most humans.

Both of those distinguishing descriptive features make me think of anime characters, as it happens (though the beakish noses are a lot less common than they were in older media, and the blue hair came later).

Rating: 1/5. Amused as I am by my own reaction, they're just another almost-human species.

1305. Zybahhod Yenyoni. Zybahhod Yenyoni are (presumably) the last of the alien design contest aliens I'll be talking about.

There's not really much to say about them beyond them being natives of Tatooine who apparently can't stand the sun's heat and are thus nocturnal. They're kind of generic-but-also-obviously-not-human humanoids.

Rating: 2/5. I kind of like their name.

1306. Zygerrians. Okay, yet another example of how frustrating I find the phrases used to compare humans to aliens: The Zygerrians are very feline in appearance (fur, big flappy ears, catlike sharpness and color patterns-they're actually basically slightly more catlike Thundercats), but are described as "near-humans."

Except in this case they're supposedly actually biologically related to humans.

Male Zygerrians are slightly less catlike, with funky chin-horn things.

Anyway, they're kind of boring "we are the strong and the weak deserve enslavement at best" type people. Bleh.

Rating: 2/5. I'll admit I have a soft spot for the character designs, but they're pretty generic and meh whatever.

1307. Zylurians. They look a little bit like big, scaly muppets.

A group of Zylurians were killed by Ubuugan fleshborers, mentioned here (in the Ubuugans entry).

Rating: 2/5. Well, I guess that's it for my first sweep through the named species. (There'll be a second sweep once I'm through "Unidentified species" [unless I forget], because I know for a fact that I missed some that were added after the first sweep.)

1308. Aurra Sing's father's species. Aurra Sing is a bounty hunter who made a brief cameo in Episode I. As with Boba Fett before her, she got a lot of love in the EU, turning out to be a former Jedi apprentice who went darksidey and became a Jedi-killing bounty hunter.

While her mother was a human, her father was of an unknown alien species, whose characteristics include a long lifespan, at least some aspects of appearance associated with Aurra Sing (including kind of freaky long fingers), and a preference for blood over solid food (if Aurra Sing herself is any indication, at least).

Aurra Sing wanted to kill him, apparently for the sin of fathering her.

Rating: 3/5. Well, while I don't know how necessary I find the idea of a mystery species (especially considering the brouhaha around Yoda's species, which will be one of the last "Unidentified" species I cover), considering the estimated twenty million or so sapient species of the Star Wars galaxy versus the roughly fifteen hundred (guessing high) we actually know about (my guesstimate based on the size of my list versus how much I haven't covered), it shouldn't be surprising that there are a few.

1309. Bothel's species. The known members of this species are Bothel and Trud, who appear to be half-naked cartoon hobo kangaroo-elephants who lived on Endor.

These individuals like frolicking in mud (...), and tricked some Ewok into giving them an Endorian magic rock that played a major role in many Ewok-related stories.

This was actually apparently in the last episode of the cartoon, but I'm not under the impression their plot was very successful.

Rating: 3/5. How often does one get to write phrases like "half-naked cartoon hobo kangaroo-elephants?" Not very often.

1310. Brangus Glee's species. Brangus Glee is the name given to an unused maquette from Return of the Jedi. He looks like a less cuddly version of E.T. to some degree, with a tiny little head. He's apparently considered an "elder" of his species, is known to be Force-sensitive, and is a gambler.

That doesn't sound shady at all. (Seriously, a Force-sensitive gambler? Don't play cards or dice with that guy.)

Rating: 3/5. I kind of like the design.

-Signing off.

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