Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pac-Man Is Disturbing

Which is a fairly automatic realization if you think about it at all, but then they had to go and make a show that makes him basically Kirby (who is already pretty disturbing, don't get me started) only moreso.

That only has a little bit to do with this video, which features said show's Japanese opening song.

Said song is apparently performed by Hyadain, one of several performers famous for Megaman-related songs. Hyadain's specifically are infamous for being kind of NSFW-ish, and I'm not really willing to post them. (Although it's not because they're written from the perspective of Megaman's [male] enemies essentially discussing their [sexual] interest in Megaman, it's just because I find the implicit sexual imagery more evocative and racy than explicit sexual imagery would be. [Explicit sexual imagery is dumb.] Which in context might sound funny coming from a straight guy, but there you go.)

-Signing off.

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