Friday, August 8, 2014

The (Less) Massive Invid's Guide Index Post (#4)

The Massive Index (Posts #1-#100)
The Less Massive Index (Posts #101-#110)
The Second Less Massive Index (Posts #111-#120)

Because the next entry will be the last of the alphabetical ones and I'm still sorting out how I'm going to handle the "unnamed" species section (which will have a lot of basically-no-article stubs in it-it'll be like the entries I complain about, but all the way through), I'm taking a week off. (I'm also not ashamed to mention that I was a little distracted rewatching Turtles Forever, which is my favorite crisis crossover thing basically ever.)

Anyway, obviously I needed to put up another index post, so I'm also catching up on this (the third index post still doesn't even have any proper links to the posts it's supposed to be indexing, good grief I'm behind).


Post #121: Vernols, Verpine, Vestaari, Veubgri, Vicon, Viidaav, Vilosorians, Vindalians, Vindar, Vippits. The Verpine are the best.

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