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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#118)

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1171. Ubese. The Ubese are near-humans, but very few people in-universe are aware of this. This is because they all wear environmental gear off their homeworld (being suited to specific atmospheric conditions not found elsewhere) and their environmental gear is also armor, because the Ubese are violently xenophobic. Supposedly, this makes them good bounty hunters, although I have serious doubts about that (if you're a xenophobe, are you likely to employ intelligence resources in the midst of a society you hate?).

We have some limited familiarity with the Ubese through Return of the Jedi; the disguise that Leia wore to infiltrate Jabba's palace was an Ubese armor/environmental suit. Yes, that language that Leia was using was a "human" language.

Supposedly, the Jedi Order destroyed their homeworld and the Ubese wanted revenge on them for this, but the exact date when this was supposed to have happened is ambiguous.

Rating: 2/5. I sort of like the twist of guys like this appearing really mysterious and alien but actually being essentially human, but on the other hand, they're basically just a slightly mutated human culture.

1172. Ubuugans. The Ubuugans, aside from having half the letters in their names being "u," are vaguely elephantine but also somewhat insect-like beings, with probosci that look superficially like elephant trunks and three eyes.

Their homeworld has native creatures called Ubuugan fleshborers; these tiny insect-like creatures like to swarm and skeletonize human-sized victims. However, Ubuugans being native to the same planet, their skin has properties that repel them, and in fact Ubuugans can and do eat fleshborers; one Ubuugan seemed to regard them as a delicacy.

Rating: 3/5. The fleshborers make the Ubuugans pretty entertaining.

1173. Ug'Ggerans. All we know about the Ug'Ggerans is that 1) that name sure has a lot of "g" in a row, and 2) there was someone who was a member of their species/race.

Rating: 1/5.

1174. Ugnaughts. Ugnaughts are the little piglike guys from Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back.

They were brought into space as slaves thousands of years ago. However, the Ugnaughts on Cloud City were free Ugnaughts and lived happier lives than most Ugnaughts until the Empire came; the dude that the Empire put in charge tried to re-enslave them, and their response was to rig Cloud City with bombs and run away.

Later, when the New Republic gained control of the region, Cloud City was cleared of its booby traps and the Ugnaughts returned to it.

Rating: 3/5. ...They have certain problems, being depicted as little squealing pig people, but certain kinds of appeal as well.

1175. Ugors. Ugors are supposedly unicellular creatures who can range from roughly half human-sized to rather larger than human-sized (they have a "ball form" that can range from one to two meters in diameter, and a two-meter-diameter sphere would be pretty darned huge). If they are unicellular, those single cells must be pretty danged weird, because there's a reason cells don't get very big.

Anyway, Ugors are essentially supposed to be giant amoebas, and can grow and control up to thirty pseudopodia, which could fulfill both manipulatory and sensory functions (apparently they could custom-design their sensory organs, giving them virtually unlimited sensory range-eyes made to see colors humans can't, for instance). They normally wander around as blobs, but many of them wear environmental suits that shape them into rather humanoid forms. Supposedly, their brains being noncellular structures, they're actually more efficient than multicellular brains; there's a certain logic to this, of course, though as I say, they must be pretty weird cells. They apparently evolved as apex predators, but can digest basically anything, including most species' trash.

Since they like eating trash, the Ugors ran the biggest, most successful trash collection group in the galaxy during the time of the Galactic Empire, under a group called the Holy Ugor Taxation Collection Agency. At the height of their influence, they obtained a gravity well projector from the wreckage of the first Death Star and were using it to "organize" the trash they had collected from across the galaxy in their home system, though this didn't last very long.

The Ugors had a long-running rivalry with the Squibs, who apparently were their biggest competitors.

Rating: 5/5. These guys are pretty neat, especially since they've got all these characteristics that make them rather scary but they really just want to be trash collectors.

1176. Ukanis. They have round bodies. That's pretty vague. In what sense of "round?" Round like humans are round? Round like circles?

Rating: 1/5.

1177. Ukians. The Ukians are known as agriculturalists. They're a bit hunch-backed and lanky, but apparently stronger than one might assume from that appearance.

They are easily frightened by mysterious things and the unknown; thus, they've been successfully overwhelmed by invaders using unexpected tactics on multiple occasions scaring them into surrender.

Their government is an odd sort of meritocracy; whoever the best farmer is at the end of the ten-year term of the previous ruler is offered the position. (Frankly, that sounds like a formula for disaster, but I suppose it could be made to work.)

Rating: 3/5. This is mostly because they look kind of interesting, and also earned a pity point for their victimization, because basically every story they've been in involved them surrendering to somebody or another.

1178. Ulorin. They're native to a planet in the Centrality, one of the odd little somewhat independent administrations that popped up in the pre-Zahn Expanded Universe. (It was essentially ruled by the villain of the Lando Calrissian Adventures, the secretly-a-Croke Sorcerer of Tund Rokur Gepta.)

Rating: 1/5.

1179. Ultaarian greenbacks. The Ultaarian greenback seen in-story was a hulking pink-skinned and four-armed guy with a horn and tusks who had a green covering of some sort on his back. I find myself wondering a teense if perhaps "Ultaarian greenback" is something like a silverback gorilla, i.e. it's something of an alpha male descriptor/indicator.

One got into a hand-to-hand fight with Han Solo once. Presumably, he didn't do so great despite being huge and having four arms.

Rating: 2/5, because of my extrapolated concept regarding them. If it were actually the canonical explanation, that'd be pretty great and get them another point.

1180. Umaren'k'sa. The Umaren'k'sa were influenced by the Hemes Arbora, apparently as a result of something the living planet Zonama Sekot did.

Rating: 1/5.

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