Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Also, That Pirate Is Basically Drawn In Filmation House Style

From Savior of the Earth, best of the worst Korean anime that went into the bizarre, hilarious, and terrible Space Thunder Kids:

What's shocking this cheap imitation of a Pac-Man so badly? Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that in this movie, which I hear is a blatant ripoff of Tron (I've never seen Tron, so I'll take people's word for it), people are being kidnapped into a computer world, where they're being gradually executed by being dropped into hostile "games of death." And so that splatter there was apparently a human being.

Kinda hardcore for something that was apparently created in Korea to fill a quota and then dubbed into English to fill dead air.

Although the best part is probably the fact that this is the movie that provided Space Thunder Kids with the character "Sheila" (known in this movie as "Ann"), the swimsuit pirate who apparently wants to be Captain Harlock and whose sister is some kind of robot doll... thing.*

...Did Tron feature any pirates?

*Actual dialogue from both Savior of the Earth and Space Thunder Kids, paraphrased from memory because I don't feel like bringing up the exact line-the sound quality on these things is goshawful-"Remember, Sandy, I'm only doing this because you're my sister." Sandy is the little robot doll thing in both versions.

While it's only obvious in Savior of the Earth, by the way, Sandy is history's greatest monster.

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