Monday, May 26, 2014

I Think Gamera Wins

I was kind of hoping to see the Godzilla movie's release be accompanied by some cheapish releases of older Godzilla movies. Seems like using a low-cost back catalog to make some money is a good way to exploit the hype, doesn't it?

And what do I find?

I find the fricking turtle.

Specifically, an eleven-movie DVD set, containing the entirety of Gamera's Showa and Heisei series movies, which has a whole lot of stupid stuff that I'll enjoy anyway and some things that I hear are genuinely awesome, specifically Heisei Gamera.

For about ten bucks.

Your move, Godzilla.

Aside: I cannot even tell you how much I love when Godzilla pratfalls. This is the second time I've seen a clip of Godzilla just straight up tripping like a big old klutz (the other place I've seen it is in Godzilla Versus Mothra, wherein he trips on some old castle-y building), and every time, it fills me with joy that Godzilla is immune to everything that humanity can throw at him except that which unexpectedly trips him (and mostly just gets him riled up).

-Signing off.

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