Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just Get Released Already, You Stupid Movie

Gr, I missed this trailer coming out on Monday.

This movie. I want to watch it right now.

The last time I was this excited for a movie, well, it was last year because Pacific Rim*, but before that I think it was the Star Wars prequels, which were my first real moviegoing experience.**

*Mentioning that movie gives me the opportunity to bust out my increasingly inaccurately named "wait there is no tag for pacific rim what is wrong with me" tag.

**I know the prequels, especially Episode I, are on the receiving end of a lot of flak***, but watching The Phantom Menace in theaters was an incredibly surreal experience that I don't think I'll ever forget. There have been days now and again that I still couldn't believe there were more than three Star Wars movies.

***One criticism I heard recently is that the prequels make the Jedi Order "too perfect." Pardon my French, but what the hell movie trilogy were you watching?! The Jedi Order from the last days of the Old Republic is a corrupt, weak organization that subordinated itself to the government that it wasn't supposed to be the tool of and imploded on itself, and that was before Palpatine seized the reins of power.

-Signing off.

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