Monday, April 21, 2014

Nature Being Disturbing: Snail Eat Snail (Again)

I've had this sitting in my favorites for ages waiting to be posted.

If you're wondering why "again," there was a video of a much larger snail eating another snail some while back. Despite the smaller size of the snails in this video, this one is arguably much more terrifying, because the other one had silly crab antics.

Also, the snail being eaten isn't actually a Hawaiian snail (at least, according to commenters); since most actual Hawaiian snails are species endangered or rendered extinct because of the very carnivorous species this video displays*, that'd be terrible.

*If my math is right, according information in this article approximately 23% of all known modern mollusk extinctions can be traced back to people moving wolf snails places they shouldn't be; in fact, apparently the wolf snails rendered one species extinct within a year of their arrival.

I wish I could come up with a second tag; there's nothing funny enough in this article to qualify it for "humor" and all my posts with one tag look... naked to me. Wait, is that funny enough to qualify it for humor? I don't know.

-Signing off.

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