Monday, April 28, 2014

Who Knows What's Up With The Dancing?

Yoshiyuki Tomino is mostly known for making series where lots of people die and there's lots of emotional wreckage (particularly the Gundam series).

And then there's Overman King Gainer, whose infectiously cheerful opening is at least somewhat representative of the show and also the only serious competition to the Dai-Guard opening in cheerfulness.

If I understand what I've read of King Gainer, it's a series where a video game nerd becomes a robot pilot to protect a train convoy, and it's generally very silly.

Tomino's odd sense of humor isn't nearly as well-known as his nickname "Kill 'em all* Tomino," but it's probably the second-most infamous thing about him.

*The nickname "Kill 'em all" is only found in English-speaking fandoms; in Japanese-speaking fandom he's affectionately known as "Tomino the Killer" because early in his career, series he directed tended to get prematurely cancelled. Then Gundam became the biggest thing in Japan, and he got little shy of a blank check to do what he wanted, making his nickname ironic.

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