Monday, April 7, 2014

Give That Guy A Job

I haven't seen this Gravity thing people have been talking about despite various recommendations, and frankly I'm not interested in hard science fiction very much. (I also get angry now and again at people claiming that, say, Star Trek is hard science fiction. Generally speaking, the harder SF is, the less interesting it is to me, because the people writing it get progressively more and more wrapped up in writing less and less interesting stories. THIS HAS BEEN A STATEMENT OF THE AUTHOR'S OPINION.) So when I saw this the other day, I didn't have much context for it from Gravity. I did, however, have context from the other thing.

Of course, this rather begs a question: If Superman existed, wouldn't the space program be simpler if he just did the whole thing? Safer, at a bare minimum. (And don't tell me that the particular version of Supes in question wouldn't be able to be a hero too. He might not be Silver Age Superman, but he'd be able to swing it.)

-Signing off.

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