Monday, May 4, 2015

Dark Forces: The Short Edition

Recently picked up the original Dark Forces for three bucks at (it's still on sale at that price as of this writing; if you miss the sale, you'd have to pay another whole three bucks) and noticed something: Kyle Katarn walks like any normal human being would run, and runs like some kind of mutant turbocamel*.

The above is a speedrun that makes me feel a bit pathetic; it took me months to beat the game the first time, and even this time I'm progressing pretty slowly.

Though I'll grant you part of the problem is that I keep getting distracted whenever I see a probe droid, because I really enjoy punching them. (I'd take screenshots, because probe droid punching** is a truly fine pastime, but apparently DosBox keeps me from using the screenshot button properly.)

The other part of the problem is mazey areas that require jumping.

And Anoat City. Screw you, Anoat City.

*On average, from what I've read, camels are as fast or faster than horses. Like, some very fast horses are faster than camels, but a camel at a sustained pace is as fast as the average galloping horse and can sprint a fair bit faster.

**A revision of my estimate of how far probe droids fly when you punch them: They don't go any further than, say, stormtroopers do when you punch them, if you're punching them sideways. You have to get underneath them and punch upwards for the best absurd results, which can send them flying over a hundred in-game feet straight up***.

***Make sure to do it outside. Ceilings are such spoilsports.

-Signing off.

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