Monday, May 25, 2015

(Large Number of) FATALITIES

Y'know, the original Ultraman wasn't exactly gentle; he killed quite a few monsters in his day. (Note: There's a few cases of rather gratuitous violence against monsters here.)

But there's something* about his successor, Ultraseven, that just seems a lot worse. (Note: There's a lot of cases of rather gratuitous violence against monsters here, and it's more gratuitous.)

Special note should be made of about 5:23 to around 6:15, wherein he rips a monster's arm off, wrestles it to the ground, and then slits its throat, and then (in a clip presumably from a different episode) beheads a monster that's trying to run from him. (He also blows up a lot of spaceships, though Ultras are fairly prone to that.) That's not even getting into the numerous dismemberments and bisections.

*It's the Eye Slugger. Having a blade-based finisher as your most-used finisher is rather going to cause trending towards quite a bit of violence.

Not that there's anything actually wrong with that, but it can be a bit distracting.

-Signing off.

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