Monday, May 18, 2015

Uncanny Timing

With my usual lack of timeliness, I present a really neat cover of a song from a movie I've never seen*.

It'd be kinda hard for this post to be less timely, it's nearly as far in both directions from being Halloween as possible. Not that I ever feel like posting holiday-themed things in a timely fashion anyway.

*There's lots of movies I've never seen, to be frank; there's a host of reasons why, including preferring an episodic/serial format, said movies being in genres or subgenres I rarely watched as a kid and not being widely available since**, not wanting to watch them because people insist I'll love them***, and just not having enough time and/or feeling like it. ...I still need to get around to watching Godzilla 2014 and Gamera 3...

**I don't spend a lot of time buying junk online, which would of course be a solution to that problem, but I waste enough money on this stuff, and I probably shouldn't be wasting any on it.

***Sometimes, nothing makes me want to see something less than "THIS IS SO GOOD YOU MUST SEE IT." Especially if you're telling me it's significantly better than a thing I like which you say isn't worth liking, though that's hardly required. I can be pretty contrary, and an actual motivation I have for avoiding certain things is "they're popular." And not in a hipster way+, either. More in a "leave me alone" way.

+I disliked popular things before it was popular. [/sarcasm]

-Signing off.

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