Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Because It's A Video Game, Dummy

Y'know, I know it's probably for the best not to ask questions about this sort of thing, but...

Why would there be power cells to power a personal shield generator that basically only one person in the galaxy uses sitting around in a base full of people hostile to him? (Also, it's pretty great that the page quote for "personal energy shield" is actually attributed to this game's character.)

For that matter, I'll admit they're actually pretty cool, but why are the elevators in Dark Forces so... so... non-OSHA compliant? Because those things would take off a lot of fingers and probably cause quite a few falls to one's death. (Not to mention the "elevator" that's a giant drill bit that's somehow being spun by invisible forces and raised and lowered via the same invisible forces, which hurts you if you so much as brush against the wrong part of it and requires you to be good at jumping.)

-Signing off.

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