Friday, May 15, 2015


So I was looking up super robot music, as one does, and found a lyrics video for the first opening of Akuu Daisakusen Srungle, a series with a pretty rad intro song that I know very little else about*.

There was a word repeatedly used in the intro that I never quite understood; if the captions given by this video's poster are anything to go by, the word in question was... well, see for yourself.

"Gorilla" was perhaps not the dead last thing I'd have expected the enthusiastic cries of "greelya" to be, but it was pretty far back there.

Then there's the intro to Sengoku Majin GoShogun**, which is one of my all-time favorite super robot openings of its era across the board (music, visuals, whatever):

And the vocals of this song starts with a meaningful question:

"Do you know the red button?" (Followed up by asking if you know about the blue button. Yes, really.)

That... actually makes it even better.

*The main thing I know about Srungle is that it was given a Robotech-style merged dub treatment where its cast and Goshogun's cast were supposedly both members of a cross-dimensional organization working to overthrow some multidimensional tyrant or something; the new show was called Macron One, which actually had its own pretty neat intro song. Also, its cast had the most ridiculous names, listed here for your education: Captain Chance (okay, not THAT weird, but wait for it), Babyface, Sexy, Magician, Superstar, and Jet. Amazing that they manage to make "Jet" sound remarkably ordinary.

I also learned today that the intro song cataloged here was replaced partway through the series' run. WHY?!

**There's slightly different ways to translate it, but the title's meaning can be roughly translated as "Warring States Demon-God GoShogun." GoShogun the series is rather more light-hearted than the title would indicate, at least from what I've read; supposedly it's among the first super robot series to qualify as parodic.

One of the villains, a "synthetic human" named Kernagul, wanted to open some restaurant chains as his major motivation: Kernagul's Fried Chicken and KerDonald's.

-Signing off.

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