Friday, May 22, 2015

This Song is About a Cat

Supposedly, some people didn't realize this song was about a cat.

I'm not sure how; even people who have never known cats ought to have some idea that it's at least about an animal. (I can confirm, by the way, that this song is basically like living with rowdy but otherwise good-natured cats. Some cats*, of course, are better-behaved than that.)

*Taking the opportunity to talk about my own cat, Captain, because she makes me happy and I adore her.

She's one of the smartest cats I've ever met. Aside from the fact that she's better than any other cat I've ever met at kitty diplomacy, she came up with a unique solution to a problem facing her.

See, she likes to sleep on the back of a couch, but she's awfully big, so she doesn't fit on it well, and is in danger of rolling off if she relaxes.

One day, I realized she had her front leg in an odd position for a relaxed cat; her paw was against the couch.

She'd stuck her claws into the couch to anchor herself.

At first, I thought she might have done it by accident, but after checking on her on three or four separate occasions, I discovered she always does it.

I imagine the first time was an accident (she is a bit prone to getting stuck**), but she clearly had a good sense of how it was useful.

**Funnily enough, while she adores me to the point where she's literally started purring if I walk into the room or talk to her, trying to help her get unstuck is the one area where she doesn't want anything to do with me ever. If I approach her while she's stuck, she flips out and rips free no matter how much trouble she was having dislodging herself. One of our other cats also absolutely adores me but wants nothing to do with my attempts to rescue her from getting stuck, but she's not nearly as strong as Captain*** and thus has less luck escaping. Apparently I'm just terrible at getting stuck cats loose.

***My sister's cat is stronger than any dog we've ever owned, despite being a fifth the size of our average dogs' size. Captain is probably stronger than that, because she's roughly the same size (enormous for a cat) and built like a frickin' tank (and also has more claws and thus a better grip). The other cat mentioned is a tiny waif by comparison to either of them.

-Signing off.

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