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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#143)

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1421. Unidentified Solem species. These guys are basically some sort of green goblorcs.

Their world had an oppressive governor whose own brother led the local resistance. The governor hired Boba Fett to catch him for him, but turned out to not have quite enough money to pay the bounty, so Fett held him at gunpoint (causing the governor to be distracted during the subsequent insurrection/jailbreak) until he noticed that the guy was wearing a nice necklace that would make up for the shortfall, and ripped it off and ran off even as the governor's government collapsed. Which is kinda hilarious.

Also, there is a member of this species named Lol. Yes, L O L.

Rating: 2/5. Eh, it's kinda funny that they're just straight-up goblorcs.

1422. Unidentified species (Imperial torching). ...Oh dear, that's not promising at all.

The only known specimen, who appears to have been on fire at the time of being presented, is rather lady-shaped, and has what looks like a smaller, simpler version of the Skrilling nostril complex (only six nostrils), as well as tiny antennae and webbed fingers.

Naturally, Wookieepedia remarks that "females of the species had breasts and grew long hair on their heads," but I've got a question for you, Wookieepedia: How do you know that individual is female?

Rating: 2/5. Admittedly, the picture illustrates a species that's essentially a human with a collection of superficial features that I kind of like slapped on, but hey, superficial features I kind of like!

1423. Unidentified species (purple face). Looking at the picture, I'd say that "purple" is the last relevant adjective in the list; somewhere before that would be "split face" and possibly "flesh mustache." It's a pretty interesting look, really.

A bunch of them were killed by a Mandalorian once. They also all wear the same headgear.

Rating: 3/5. Purely based on appearance.

1424. Unidentified species (seven-ringed homeworld). This species' working name comes from the following line actually uttered by its known member:

By the seven rings of my home world--we're all going to die!

Who talks like that?

Maybe if he'd said "by the seven rings of the sky!" I'd have bought the line and it'd have properly suggested the idea of planetary rings, but as it is the line would take me out of a reading experience.

As for the species itself, the known individual has scaly skin, huge flap-ear things, and a nose that reminds me of nothing so much as a snowman's carrot nose, though it's more pencil-shaped than it is actually carrot-shaped.

Rating: 2/5. Falls a little too far on the wrong side of the silliness line, but good for a chuckle.

1425. Unidentified species (Unknown Regions). So the only thing you guys could come up with as an identifying feature for these guys was that they lived in a particular pretty large and broad region of space?

They apparently had developed a "primitive" form of space travel, and one of their representatives once met with Grand Admiral Thrawn. (Whether he was Grand Admiral Thrawn at the time is questionable, but whatever.)

What "primitive" means in the context of the Star Wars galaxy is mysterious, since, y'know, they can split planets and detonate stars there...

Rating: 1/5. Nothing to go on.

1426. Unidentified Stalsinek IV species. They guarded a temple, the only feature of which is known being a magic fountain of healing water.

...No, I'm not making this up.

Rating: 2/5. The presence of a magic healing fountain in Star Wars amuses me.

1427. Unidentified talking tree species. Okay, get ready for this.

The sole known member of this species lived on Endor.

An Ewok, mistaking him for a nonsapient tree, put a poster inviting people to a party on his face.

Totally cool with the misunderstanding, the tree pulled the poster off and looked at it, and expressed excitement at the idea of a party.

He apparently didn't go, presumably because he was a tree and trees can't go to parties because trees can't go anywhere.

I'm sorry you didn't get to go to a party, tree!

Rating: 3/5. Endor's a heck of a place.

1428. Unidentified tentacle-faced species. I looked at the picture, and thought "wait, wasn't this Rang Thang's species?"

Looking more thoroughly, Rang Thang and this species aren't quite in each other's facial structure range, but they are pretty close.

Anyway, they're okay, but they are far overshadowed by Rang Thang's radness, which is enough for an entire species. Those character designers could have worked on making a more diverse array of tentacle faces, methinks-at least more differenter types of tentacles than that.

Rating: 2/5.

1429. Unidentified tentacle-legged ornithoid species. ...I don't know how Wookieepedia can be sure that the tentacles on the individual whose head is obscured by that speech bubble are shared by the individual behind him whose body is obscured by the same tentacled individual's own body. (Look at the picture for yourself if you please.) They could just be wearing a unispecies uniform.

Rating: 1/5 if those guys aren't the same species, 3/5 if they are for the amusement factor of a tentacled bird person.

1430. Unidentified Tranthellix species. Members of this assumed species (they could just be settlers of some not-technically-native species, y'know) are known for capturing Tranthebar Mountain rippers (or should that be Tranthebar mountain rippers? The variant capitalization is very significant), birds of prey with fifteen-foot-plus wingspans, and selling them to offworlders who stage races where people strap themselves to the undersides of the great birds and ride them.

These races are apparently illegal, though whether it's illegal because it threatens the Tranthebar Mountain ripper population or because it's a darned stupid idea to strap yourself to a giant bird of prey and expect it to carry you, or both, is ambiguous.

Rating: 2/5. That's one of those things that makes you wonder "how did this custom get started?" Who first looked at a giant bird called a ripper and thought "Huh, I wonder if that bird could still fly if I tied myself to its underside?"

-Signing off.

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