Monday, January 26, 2015


So just a couple of random things to throw at you, because I'm tired and honestly not in the right mindset for blogging.

1. Atomic Robo is a webcomic now and you should read it.

2. Through the purchase of one of those "classic gaming module" things that pack a few good old games, a lot of mediocre old games, and a bunch of crummy new ones* into a tiny new console that's often barely bigger than the original cartridges, I discovered the odd old game Chakan, which isn't much fun to play (because it's annoyingly hard) but is quite nice-looking for its age. (Its story is also the hilarious sort of thing you see in older videogames. "I beat up Death so now I'm immortal but being immortal is awful. Also, you the player will gain none of the benefits of my immortality except being able to start over again a lot.")

I've occasionally commented that I really appreciate old pixel art; old obscure things like this are a lot of the reason why.

*Statements are opinions of the blogger, although they are well-informed opinions derived from playing said games. (If I am by implication calling a favorite game of yours mediocre, I apologize. None of the new games are anybody's favorite, though, so I'm not worried about that "opinion."

Seriously speaking, almost none of the new games they added are worth even looking at; they're completely terrible, and their instructions are often completely incomprehensible, which doesn't make playing the darned things any easier.

-Signing off.

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