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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#136)

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The Third Less Massive Index (Posts #121-#130)

(Skipped Skreen's species, and I already covered Theoretical Serias species.)

1351. Silentium's creators. All we know about these guys are that they looked like starfish, created (technically the predecessors of) the Silentium (who are awesome), and then were wiped out by a radiation storm from a supernova. ...Which is an anticlimactic death when one is such a potentially powerful civilization. They are believed to have been from a different galaxy.

They were slightly implied to have also created the Sharu, who are also awesome. (The same implication could actually have been implying it was the Silentium instead, all things considered, but whatever, it's not like it's that important. Plus how would a civilization so powerful that it went around creating other species possibly in different galaxies from their homeworld be wiped out by a simple supernova?)

Rating: 3/5 by association with the Sharu and Silentium, both of whom scored solid 5s.

1352. Skärtis species. Near as I can tell, the main thing that identifies this (fairly generic) species as being of Skärtis was an oath used by the one individual known to be of the species: "By the seven moons of Skärtis!"

...That's kind of an oddball swear, when you think about it; while I could totally see "by the seven moons!" as a swear, adding "of my homeworld!" seems a bit silly.

"By the Moon of Earth!" Can you imagine someone from our world saying that, even if the Moon was a big deal to them? I can't. "By the sixty-seven moons of Jupiter!" sounds reasonable by comparison.

Rating: 1/5 despite the amusement value.

1353. Spacefaring benefactors. These beings were the mysterious entities that rounded up the seventeen species who would eventually become the Iskalonian School to save them from extinction. Their identity is unknown, though the Shi'ido anthropologist Mammon Hoole (see the earlier link to the Sharu article) was researching the subject on the dead homeworlds of the Iskalonians.

Rating: 2/5 for enabling the Iskalonian School, a general concept I happen to like.

1354. Stalk-eyed species. This species appears to primarily be made up of background characters.

They are tiny and rather adorable and oozing with personality, so I like them.

Rating: 4/5.

1355. Stauz Czycz's species. ...That's a hard name to type.

The majority of this species, as far as is known all but one lonely individual, were wiped out by the Empire, specifically by a force led by Darth Vader under orders from the Emperor. This survivor would go on to be heavily modified into a human-looking cyborg and have a bounty hunter career, in hopes of being hired by Darth Vader and invited into his presence. He actually apparently showed up late to the meeting we see in Empire Strikes Back, using the opportunity to try to murder Darth Vader in revenge. Considering that Darth Vader had to show up later in the movie, obviously it couldn't work, and he got decapitated.

Anyway, they look pretty cool; they have some kind of alien dreadlock things which invariably make me think of the Predators when I see them, but that's the only real resemblance.

Rating: 3/5.

1356. Tarron Neb's species. A species nearly wiped out by the Empire whose sole surviving member was a warrior guy (...again?!), this Design an Alien species was native to Yavin 8, also home to the reverse-amphibian Melodies, mermaids who sometimes get eaten by spiders. That's the most interesting thing about them, because that seems to be all there is about them.

Rating: 1/5.

1357. Those who came before. "Those who came before" is the name used by the Sebiri to describe the mysterious beings who had built a stone temple of some sort "without the use of tools," "performed miracles with glowing charms," and were believed by the Sebiri to have created the jungle they lived in.

Considering that the planet Sebiris, to which the Sebiri are native, is in the Kathol sector, they probably know what they're talking about.

Rating: 2/5.

1358. Tiggs Leo's species. At first glance, this species is a slightly generic tiger-striped four-armed species.

At closer examination, they have an extra pair of eyes on the sides of their heads which are disproportionately huge, and thus are slightly less generic.

Rating: 3/5. They're sorta likeable.

1359. Tobar's species. I wasn't sure exactly what I'd say about these guys, but then my sister reminded me of what the design was reminiscent of:

The "Flatulan" species from Treasure Planet. That dude's even wearing practically the same vest.

Rating: 2/5 for reminding me of that movie, which deserved better than it got.

1360. Unidentified Adin species. They apparently are "thin," have red skin with white facial stripes, two-fingered hands, and pale pink teeth.

Strange but oddly intriguing. I wish they had a picture.

Rating: 3/5.

-Signing off.

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