Monday, October 6, 2014

Actually, No, They're Not Monsters*

In the spirit of share and share alike, I'm embedding a couple of the old Terminix commercials depicting pest insects who aren't generally that nasty as equivalent to enormous CGI monsters. (You should seriously read that article. It's great.)

This one is probably my single favorite, just because an octopus with slug faces on the ends of its tentacles and moving like a beach octopus (so that said slug faces actually still move like slug faces) is truly beautiful and amazing.

Wearing a cookie jar as a shell is just gravy. Or something.

And then there's this guy, who is just hilarious because he's basically an organic buzzsaw robot.

What was in the water when they decided to do these commercials, exactly? Bring it back.

*For that matter, I imagine that the imagery actually caused a lot of people to feel relief. "Oh, they're only talking about ordinary bugs. WHEW."

Maybe the director was actually trying to be subversive?

-Signing off.

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