Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This Post Is Short But I Like It

So earlier I had a little thought that amused me, and I figured it would probably amuse other people as well, so I'm going to give it a chance to.

This is a suggestion on a novel way to make a film.

Hire a visual effects director. I'm thinking of Michael Bay, because he's probably the most famous and lucrative visual effects-oriented director out there right now, and with one of the biggest reputations among critics for awful movies. (Guillermo del Toro doesn't count for various reasons, because he makes good movies, and what I'm about to describe is a little bit of a jerk move.)

Just straight up have him make a movie. Full budget and everything, right?

Then, arrange a "b-crew." Give the "b-crew" a smaller budget and limited time. Encourage hiring no-name actors with decent talent.

And give them the movie that the VE director made for use as stock footage, using their own actors to dub over the scenes.

That is how I would make a Power Rangers movie.

You can have this one for free, guys. I just want to see it happen at this point.

-Signing off.

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