Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Read This Comic I Talk About

(I don't talk about the webcomics I read that often, but I couldn't tell you why.)

I was skimming back into the Bad Machinery/Scary Go Round archives to point out a thing about the character Mr. Knott (who has been an interesting background character for a while now) to my sister, who introduced me to Scary Go Round but then dropped it at some point because of having trouble keeping up with it (irony!), since he's featuring rather prominently in the current Scary Go Round flashbacky story thing, Expecting to Fly. (If you used to read Scary Go Round and for some reason dropped it when/before Bad Machinery came along, you might want to read this story. I loved Scary Go Round, but I don't remember having feelings about the characters; I was reading it because I liked a weird story. And then I read this ARGH THE EMOTIONAL SENSATIONS IN A REALISTIC SETTING WHAT RELATION DOES THIS EVEN HAVE TO SGR. And that's not a bad thing at all.)

Anyway, I saw a name dropped, and thought "Should I know that name?"

So I wiki up the name Bukowski, and-

"Dirty realism? Transgressive fiction?"

Okay, I know that these aren't necessarily as bad they sound (but transgressive fiction? Really? Look at the actual definition that Wikiped chose to represent the genre and tell me that's remotely in the territory you'd recommend to, well, anyone that you 1) didn't know incredibly well, and 2) wasn't between eighteen and thirty years old and very open-minded) and not necessarily representative of his entire body of work, but wow. It's little wonder I never heard of the guy in my fairly lengthy college career.

Mr. Knott is not as staid and crusty as everyone seems to think he is.

-Signing off.

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