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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#112)

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1111. Thennqora. The Thennqora caused an influence on the Saffa that was important to the Saffa paintings, which as I've sarcastically indicated in the past basically means nothing to us even though the Saffa paintings are supposedly culturally important.

Rating: 1/5. I like interconnections, but when we know nothing else about either group... eh.

1112. Theoretical Serias species. All that is known about this species is that they left some things behind; the discoverers of these artifacts presumed them to resemble humans from it.

Their existence is really only a backdrop for a story about archeological exploitation, i.e. there are less than honest people involved in the discoveries here and there, and some other people are trying to keep the discoveries "pristine" or whatever.

Rating: 2/5. Eh, that's reasonably interesting.

1113. Therans. There's a group called the Theran listeners, but it's ambiguous as to whether the Theran listeners are Therans who listen or people who listen to the Therans.

There's decent evidence for both if one examines different articles.

I'd explain who the Therans are listening to (or whatever) and why as well as what this causes them to do, but that's the subject of a more interesting article that will come later, so...

Rating: 1/5. The ambiguity of Theran listening makes it hard to give them a decent rating.

1114. Thisspiasians. Thisspiasians are four-armed omnivorous snake people with epic heads of hair. When I say "epic," incidentally, I mean they have big ol' manes of hair complemented by extremely hairy faces and beards and... basically they look like their heads are actually made of shaggy, woolly hair.

Anyway, most illustrations one sees of Thisspiasians do not indicate that they have four arms, because the upper-class Thisspiasians find their second set of arms unseemly to show in public, and spend much of their time with them hidden, often even tying them in place. This may be linked to the fact that upper-class Thisspiasians have atrophying lower arms, which may or may not be affected by actual evolutionary factors (I'd lean towards the idea that it wasn't, merely cultural, but whatever).

Being basically snakes despite their amazing hair, they like swallowing live animals, but they're aware of how this upsets many other species, and so the majority of them tone it down, even cooking their food even though they like it best very raw. There is apparently a certain movement in their culture that is annoyed about this, complaining that cooked food loses a "certain flavor."

The main known Thisspiasians are Jedi; one of these, Oppo Rancisis, was also the rightful (figurehead) ruler of his people, but abdicated the throne when it was passed to him because of his devotion to the Jedi Order. He still ended up repeatedly being involved in the affairs of the Thisspiasian monarchy even though he'd given up his place in it.

Incidentally, the title the holder of the throne goes by is Blood Monarch. Yes, please. (Yes, please, even if the monarchy always manages to be "behind the times" in a way the Thisspiasian mainstream finds embarrassing. Heck, for me that almost adds points, because it's almost like watching kids and their un-hip parents.)

Rating: 5/5. They're pretty fun.

1115. Thodians. Thodians are from Thodia.

One happened to fish a commlink out of the water for Leia once.

Rating: 1/5. Fishing a commlink out of the water does not a relevant species make... assuming that "Thodian" is a species.

1116. Tholians. The Tholians are apparently named after a species from Star Trek.

We know nothing about them beyond the fact that some in-universe actor felt honored to portray them, and since he was small, at least some of them must thus also be small.

...So are they extinct, or is portrayal of Tholians by non-Tholian actors a racism thing? I'm curious.

Rating: 1/5.

1117. Tholothians. Tholothians are described as a near-human species, but I could easily believe them to be more of an ethnic group, unless they are "ageless" in the sense of not aging-but the source that describes them as ageless seems suspect, being some sort of game thing that is probably just describing characters in fluffy (i.e. meaningless) ways.

All known Tholothians appear to be dark-skinned women wearing headdresses. One of them them had both of her parents born on Corellia.

Rating: 1/5. If we had less of this odd ambiguity here, I'd be willing to consider a better rating, but nah.

1118. Thrakians. The Thrakians are native to the Hapes cluster ruled by the Hapan, a smallish but scrappy star nation whose rulership is matrilineally descended from pirates. (Just throwing that out there, because it deserves to be thrown out there, even if I've nixed the Hapan as an entry once.)

The Thrakians themselves are insectoid beings who once communicated only via pheromones; one day relatively recently (mere hundreds of years ago), they discovered they could communicate by clacking their mandibles, and they found this to be so thrilling even three hundred years later that they took it as a sign that they had been blessed by a higher power.

Rating: 2/5. That's pretty cute, really.

1119. Thranta riders. Thranta riders are a species known for riding thrantas, flying creatures originally found on Alderaan and found on a number of other planets thanks to being exported. They seem to be a bit on the nudist side (probably safe for work), and have brightly colored skin in many colors and like tattoos.

They're known for putting on "aerial rodeos" and for otherwise being secretive.

As with a number of alien species from Star Wars, they're derived from concept art that wasn't used in the movies themselves.

Rating: 2/5. Mostly because they're interesting background texturing.

1120. Thrella. The Thrella are extinct, but they left behind some interesting statuary on their home planet of Mimban. (Modern inhabitants of Mimban include the Coway and the Mimbanites.)

When I say that their statuary is interesting, I mean that from my recollections of the descriptions of it, the statue in question clearly was depicting Cthulhu. That makes this the one Star Wars Lovecraft reference I can think of that predates the entrance of the Kathol Rift into Star Wars fiction.

Rating: 3/5. Alan Dean Foster, you sly dog, you. (The rating goes a little high despite the fact that Splinter of the Mind's Eye is a bit questionable as a piece of Star Wars fiction and the Thrella's role in it is incredibly minor, because the Mimban setting is delightfully well-built for one that plays so minor a role in the mythos as a whole.)

-Signing off.

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