Wednesday, March 12, 2014

If You Don't Like Power Rangers Music You Are Wrong

I'd rather been planning on doing a second index post for my ridiculously long Invid's Guide article series, but that's not happening at this point because of reasons. (Mostly my thoroughly disgusting sleep schedule.)

So have this medley cover of every Power Rangers theme song.


Yes, every Power Rangers theme song. (I always crack up at the Mystic Force one, because I tend to forget that Ron Wasserman's version of the theme, which is pretty neat, isn't the official one, so I forget that stupid flute thing and it's always taking me by surprise.)

Whatever else one wants to say about Power Rangers, its music is flipping fantastic. I recently realized that the apparent shift in my music tastes as an adult are actually me being nostalgic for Power Rangers music.

Go figure.

-Signing off.

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