Monday, October 19, 2015

Probably Waiting For DVD This Time

Darnit, I should wrap up my Star Wars article series before this thing hits.

I think I actually would only have one, maybe two regular entries left, but that'll probably change when that movie comes out.

...Also, "they're real?" People have stopped believing Jedi are real or something in this continuity?

That is so stupid.

(Seriously, there are multiple species with lifespans ranging towards thousands of years, the lifespan in-universe is probably longer, digital media is a fricking thing in the Star Wars universe, and the Jedi Order existed for at least four thousand years as a hugely powerful group of public servants. Even if you discount some of that as probably-not-entirely-canonical material because of the stupid Legends retcon, the Jedi Order was still over a thousand years old, and Yoda talked about being many centuries old. Those things are irrefutably canon. Luke not knowing much about the Jedi Order could easily be attributed to living on a backwater that had never seen much Jedi presence. Seriously, Tatooine was basically the armpit of the galaxy.)

-Signing off.

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