Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Titles Are Annoying*

If I suddenly seem a tad obsessed with JRPGs, there's a reason for that: A while ago, my sister and I bought one of the RPGMaker programs, and I've been looking into the genre that the engine is technically designed to emulate. (Frankly, it can be a little frustrating reading about neat game mechanics and knowing they're well beyond my limited programming capabilities, but them's the shakes.)

Anyway, it's kind of funny to read about these games, because some of the newer ones are talked about as being super serious business. And then...

...there's a battle where you can shove a monster off a cliff and it'll pratfall on the way.

I mean, that's exactly what happened here.

And yet this is a game where (SPOILURZ) one of the characters has a job whose description is essentially "die to give the world another ten years of peaceful life," another character is basically a ghost who kept moving to have a chance to keep a promise to his dead best friends, and another character turns out to be imaginary and will cease to exist if they save the world.

*And I forgot to add one at first.

-Signing off.

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