Wednesday, October 28, 2015

OFF Again

Have a remix of Pepper Steak from the OFF OST.

No particular reason why, besides the fact that I've been thinking about it again because part of Undertale (the bad ending, specifically) reminds me of it rather strongly* and I've seen fanart that tells me I'm not the only one.

(The only reason OFF has its own label/tag, incidentally, is because it's bloody hard for me to find my own posts on it otherwise, "off" being such a common usage word. As far as I know, I only have one other post on it, but it's possible there are more back there that I just can't find because there's tons of casual usage of the word "off.")

*SPOILERS: Both OFF's official ending and Undertale's bad ending involve the protagonist destroying the world. For OFF, it's actually the "true ending," and unless the player decides to side with the one person standing against the Batter (since I haven't clearly stated such, the Batter is OFF's protagonist), he'll just nearly effortlessly walk over the one person trying to stop him. A far cry from Sans stomping the hell out of you, though if the player turns against the Batter, the player still wins easily because said character is weak stats-wise but has a powerful status effect he can use that trivializes the fight... and the Batter's "party"** disappears for no clear reason.

**A thing I like about OFF is that it really shows how far one can abstract certain RPG concepts. What keeps you from filling out a party with circles that have the abilities of support party members and no real story role? Nothing, and that's exactly what OFF does. They're even just called "add-ons."

Of*** course, the game also gives the abilities used by the add-ons strange, abstract names (which can make it a little hard to remember what ability does what), but it fits the strange tone of the game.

***Worth noting I mistyped "of" as "off" twice in a row.

-Signing off.

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